SUB101A Duo (Fully built dual SH-101 like, Eurorack Sub-oscillator)


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This is a fully build version of the SUB101A Duo (dual SH-101 type sub-oscillator).

These Eurorack pannels are 3U x 6HP.

Give your Eurorack synth some juicy low end with this Sub-Oscillator.

I put together a circuit that adds a square wave sub-oscillator to your modular synth for some really beefy tones

This Sub Oscillator tracks an oscillator signal from a VCO and generates a square wave at -1 or -2 octaves below. Works best with sawtooth, triangle, Sinus waveforms or simple square waves.

There’s a pot that mixes between the 2 sub-octaves and if you set it to 50% it sounds just like the famous Roland SH-101 pulse sub-oscillator.

For this to work, you need to route the oscillator output of your synth into the sub-oscillator Input. Then you get the sub-oscillator signal at the output. Mix it back with the original through an audio mixer to enjoy that juicy low end.

This circuit is fully RoHs compliant (Lead Free).

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